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1 Corinthians: Disorder in the Church

“Paul is dealing with the reality of their identity and not allowing that to be distorted.”
In this message Casey Wilson addresses the issues that caused disorder in the Corinthian church, why those issues occurred, and how Paul addressed and dealt with the heart of the matter.

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Father-heart of God

“Knowing God brings total security. A home without a father cripples it and leaves it deprived. It robs them of security and confidence.”
Join us as our guest speaker, Paul Thompson, shares with us what the Word has to say about God being a Father and how God has established this in his life.

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Fatherhood | (6/6)

In part 6 of this series entitled “Fatherhood”, Larry Pons continues his look at practical ways fathers can represent God to their families and shows the relationship between strong fatherhood and faith.

Fatherhood | (4/6)

In part 4 of this series entitled “Fatherhood”, Larry Pons concludes his discussion on the benefits of knowing God as “Father” and begins to show how fathers necessarily represent God to their families.

Fatherhood & Rejection | (5/6)

In part 5 of “Fatherhood & Rejection”, Larry Pons looks at how to establish true happiness in our children and addresses the necessity of fathers having long-term vision for their families.