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1 Corinthians 9: Nitty-Gritty Discipleship

“Paul was personally removed from the people. When it comes to food and drink or any privilege that Paul had, he sacrificed for their gain. He has the opportunity to be an example in every way of his life.”

Casey Wilson shares out of 1 Corinthians about what it truly means to render yourself as a disciple of Christ.

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Heroes Semester Fall 2017 Testimonies

November 12th was the final Sunday for our 2017 fall semester group and we got to hear a little from each of them about their time here with us before they returned home.

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The Life I Live

“To life by faith is to trust and obey – if you trust AND obey that’s a living relationship. There is intimacy. There is growth. There is vitality.”

On November 5th our dear friend, Herman Weits, came and shared with us about the life of his ministry.

Herman and his wife, Ross, lead Bali Christian Retreat Center which is a ministry of Words of Hope International and he came to spend some time with us while on a visit back to the states.

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The Power of Testimony

“Your testimonies; the things the Lord does in your life, good and bad because in God there is no bad. He takes the bad and turns it into good. They are your prophecies. They’re the stories you have to tell wherever you go, and God will use them to touch multitudes.”

This Sunday we were blessed to have Bill Eubank, longtime friend of the ministry and CTCI board member, share with us on the blessings the Lord has given us through the testimonies He has given us and their impact on others.

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2 Peter: Freedom

“When the Holy Spirit changes our earthly nature into a divinely inspired one then we are free from this world of its corruption and its lust.”

In this message, Larry Pons continues to our walk through 2 Peter and shares how we have been given freedom through faith and the Holy Spirit.

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2 Peter: Glory & Excellence

“He has called us by His own glory and excellence so we are called therefore into His glory and into His excellence.”

In this message, Larry Pons speaks about Peter’s teachings and how the knowledge of God and our faith in Him is where all spiritual strength is conveyed to us.

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2 Peter: Faith

“Faith makes no distinction to whether you’re a slave or an apostle. Every true believer is by faith justified in the sight of God and forgiven of all his sins.”
In this message, Larry Pons continues to walk through 2 Peter and challenges our thinking on what we actually have faith in Jesus for.

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Tasting Victory

“What that plate is reminding us of is that I belong to Him. That I’m His. That I’m not of this world. That I have a home!
That my mind belongs to Him. That my heart belongs to Him. That this life is just a parable of what’s to come.”
In this message Casey Wilson walks us through what it means to take part in communion and the realities of redemption and restoration in our lives because of the blood Jesus shed for us on the cross.

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What’s going on??? (3/3) | Jay Fesperman

7. OUR OWN CHURCH. These things I am telling you about are in no order of importance, and one of the most important functions going on here at The Inn is the regular meetings of the Franklin covenant Church,  of which Larry and I are elders, along with . . . Pastor Robert Enloe. The Ministry of The Inn is actually an outreach from this church, and all the people within the body make major contributions to the activities here. As a staff for The Inn, we have never had a salaried people serving. It has always been a cooperative effort of all those who are a part of the church. The church is a group of home-cell groups who meet regularly each week. Then the entire body comes together every Sunday morning for worship, fellowship, and teaching, as well as to receive the ministry the Lord is raising up at that time. We trust that we are becoming what Paul said the church at Thessalonica was supposed to be: “A model for all the believers in Macedonia and Achaia”. Continue reading What’s going on??? (3/3) | Jay Fesperman