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5 Signs of Discipline (part 4)

Larry Pons presents 5 ways to tell when parents should discipline their children. (From Train to Reign Family Program teachings)

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Stories of His Goodness – July INNquiry Newsletter

Our largest group ever of teenaged Heroes just left, proclaiming themselves radically-righteously-redeemed-cross-carrying-shining soldiers of the Lord! Most of them chose to be baptized, dedicating and rededicating themselves to living in Christ. During their time here they sacrificed common comforts to exercise new physical strengths and spiritual freedoms. They touched the presence of the Lord, and they loved Him. Some of them did not know they were loved and not alone, free from fear and sin, and helped by God’s strength. God drew them here from one coast to the other; kids from California to New Jersey left with the love and truth to change their own lives and the lives of those they touch. None of us will ever be the same. God is with this generation, and they respond to Him. He is forming His own army, and we are able, by His grace, to participate with Him in this work. We are grateful, humbled, and encouraged.

INNquiry E-Newsletter (May 2014)

David Livingstone, a pioneer in African mission’s said, “Fear God and work hard.” This admonition spoken two centuries ago, is an apt description of what has been going on at The Inn this year. In the first quarter of 2014, we have managed more activity than we engaged in during the entire year of 2012! Regardless of the political climate or the state of the economy, God’s Kingdom is always expanding, always bringing hope and healing in Christ to those who will receive Him.  Continue reading INNquiry E-Newsletter (May 2014)

March Newsletter

Typical spring fever is enough to make anyone yearn to dig in the garden and to clean like crazy. But when this many people percolate with the same energy, spring fever takes on new meaning. We have just completed our INNvision program, and we jockeyed around the ongoing renovation in the meeting room each day while our guests were here. Meanwhile, the bottom of Ott’s House (the Rymer cabin) is ready for the final touches. The kitchen garden

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